How to Draw on a PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader

How to draw on a PDF

How to draw on a PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader is our today’s topic. How to draw on a PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of the most curious search on Internet.


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How to Draw on a PDF?



Adobe is one of the renowned global IT company. Adobe Reader is the application that corporate IT has put onto their a device and they have no choice about it. Fortunately, there are some tools hidden away in the Adobe Reader that we can use to mark up our PDFs.


Let's take a look at them, now How to draw on a PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader


Steps to Draw on a PDF


To draw on a PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader, You'll need to open up the comment sidebar.


How to Draw on a PDF


Note - Often you'll see the comments side bar on the right-hand side of your PDF Editor and if you don't you can click on view - tools and then comment and open to open up the comments sidebar.


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You need to be patient depending on your version of Adobe Reader for this because it can take quite a while to load up that comment sidebar when the comments side by loads.


You'll see at the top of the screen that a new toolbar has appeared under the normal maintenance a tool that looks like a pencil. now don't mistake this with the highlighter that's on the left hand side the pencil is a slightly different tool it's called a drawing tool and if you click on it you'll immediately be able to start drawing across your PDF with a red pen.


You can change the pen color and thickness across to the right-hand side of the toolbar be aware that Adobe Reader is not aware of the difference between pen and touch input.


So whenever you have this pen selected your fingertips will draw as well as the pen that makes it a little bit difficult to scroll and pan this is because you'll constantly need to be turning that tool off and to do that you'll need to click on the pan hand which is usually just above the pen in the normal Adobe toolbar then you can move the document around and click on the pen to start drawing again if you're using the full Adobe Acrobat Pro application you may find that the back of the pen works as an eraser when you're using your surface pen with the drawing tool.


However in the Adobe Acrobat Reader program that we're using here you'll find that the back of the pen does not erase content so to erase content in this program we need to click on the erase tool and you'll find that it's actually pretty clunky to erase, we need to basically trace over every single line that we've drawn and over every tiny little detail of the line that you've drawn so it's really not a practical way to erase something where you've maybe made a mistake instead of using that what I would typically do is switch to the Select tool that's the little cursor pointer arrow and click on the annotation that I want to delete and delete it all at once or you could use the comment sidebar you'll notice that as we start to draw the first time with our pencil in Adobe Reader and actually creates a little box that's pretty annoying around the first stroke of ink that we draw on the page now that effectively is a placeholder for the annotation that we're making and it correlates with one of those lines in the side bar there in the comments sidebar and you can click on that comment in the side bar to select it and all of its associated ink click on the (...) three dots menu to delete it.


So it's a little bit clunky when you compare it to using some of those other applications like draw board Zotoh or even Microsoft edge where we do have touch and pen differentiation working and we can use the eraser on the back of our pen we can use our fingertips to pan and zoom the document and move it around so there are much better solutions out there and you may find even if you're stuck in that corporate IT well that you can actually to open your PDFs with the Microsoft edge browser which will be inbuilt with Windows 10 on your surface device but if you're stuck using Adobe Acrobat Reader then you now have a tool that you can use to markup your PDFs with a pen and that can help you to go paperless so I hope that you've found this tip helpful that How to draw on a PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader.


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